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AXON' 22 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dear entrants

After a long, three year hiatus, AXON is back! COVID is, of course, the culprit, but now, we are finally in a position to hold this conference in a fashion we can be proud of. AXON 21 was especially brutal, being forced to postpone not once, but twice after having made all our preparations; but that will not dampen our spirits, and it will not subdue our work ethic.


We are proud to present to you, AXON 22! Back in its intended form, with an abundance of offline workshops on offer, the opportunity to mingle with fellow medicos from across the country, and face-to-face interaction with some of the best in their fields. The outreach afforded to us by the internet is something that simply cannot be passed up, and so we’ve decided to conduct a few events online as well!


The process of getting AXON back off the ground and running has been a lengthy endeavour, and we’d be remiss to not thank our seniors who laid the groundwork for this edition to be successful. They worked tirelessly throughout lockdown in spite of the reduced length of their final year, but were sadly unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour. They have been a massive inspiration to us, and we would have been quite aimless without their guidance.


Our workshops have been meticulously put together by some of the finest minds in the country, all with the common goal of providing quality, in depth experiential learning to you! The future of our country lies in our hands, and this event exists to ensure that the practitioners of tomorrow are well prepared and capable of rational decision making in chaotic situations.


So, what are you waiting for? AXON awaits.



The Organising Committee,


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