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AXON' 23 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dear entrants

PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research is a 38-year educational legacy in our country; testimony to which are the alumni spread across the length and breadth of the globe. Proudly ranked 7th among other medical colleges by NIRF, our college soars high by delivering a comprehensive schooling experience, in Tamil Nadu. 

As the epicentre of learning and healing, PSG-IMSR broadens a student’s horizons, helping them understand medicine and medical humanities beyond textbooks.

Conference rules:

  1. In order to attend the conference, participants are required to register by paying a delegate fee of Rs. 150 (NOT A PREREQUISITE FOR PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS)

  2. Only upon verification of the delegate fee, will your registration be deemed valid and ID cards issued. 

  3. The ID card is a must to participate and gain access as an audience to all the conference events and pre-conference workshops.

  4. Early Bird registrations for the conference will close on 28th July, 2023.

  5. BONUS PROVISION: Be an audience to any and all conference events by paying  ₹600 only. Walk into the conference of your choice and witness the event unfold without the apprehension of competing.

Pre-conference workshop rules:

  1. Participants MUST bring their college ID for verification.

  2. After registration and payment, you will receive a ticket as proof of your registration and a link to the respective WhatsApp groups where further details will be shared.

  3. Participants are encouraged to go through the schedule before registering to avoid clashes between the chosen workshops

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